5 tips for creating an Only Connect Wall

  1. A good starting point is to choose a group of four clues from which you can 'spin off' at least two other groups. For example, the Take That singles "Babe", "Sure", "Shine" and "Patience" offer possibilities for "Animal-based films" (working off 'Babe') and "Time-killing games" (working off 'Patience'). You're already three-quarters of the way to filling the grid. Now use any of the other clues to spark the idea for the fourth group.
  2. Using the above method, the wall will have at least three 'confusable' overlaps between groups. However, the wall must have only one solution. That is, you mustn't be able to swap clues from two different groups and still have a valid solution.
  3. Try to make your four groups as diverse as possible by encompassing pop culture, high culture and maybe something slightly more puzzle-based or lateral.
  4. If possible, fill your grid with different types of words: objects, places, names etc. and maybe even actions, adjectives, numbers and basic symbols.
  5. Try to select clues that have more than one meaning. Surnames are often the hardest to disguise, so look for people like Joss Stone or Jenson Button whose names can imply other interpretations.